Plot Points

Plot points are really what make this game seriously fun. You will earn PP in this game by:

  • Doing something cool
  • Cracking up the GM
  • Rolling a natural Extraordinary Success (no PP involved)
  • Rolling a Botch
  • Utilizing one of your character’s Complications in play when it is at you or your party’s disadvantage
  • The GM uses one of your character’s Complications at your or your party’s disadvantage
  • Achieving or completing a challenge, personal story goal, or team goal

It is polite to ask for Plot Points, as the GM might not always be thinking about it. But just don’t be too disappointed if your request is denied. Definitely remind him when you complete missions, objectives, and/or other goals.

The GM will tell you how many Plot Points you start out with at the beginning of each session.

So, what can you use these things for? The best use by far is Story Manipulation:

Basically, you bid Plot Points to help your situation out. “What, the building’s on fire and that’s the only door, you know the one that’s also on fire? Here’s 4 Plot Points, are you sure there isn’t a secret exit out of this room?”

To quote from the DH Corebook pages 89-90:

When you want to spend Plot Points to change the story, make a suggestion and hand the Game Master the number of Plot Points you are willing to spend, based on how far you think you are stretching things. If the Game Master is agreeable, he keeps the Plot Points and incorporates the suggestion, perhaps altered as he sees fit. Remember, he has a better idea what’s coming, so cut him some slack. If he likes the idea, but think the payment is too chintzy, he could reduce the impact of it and use it that way, or ask for more Plot Points. If the Game Master doesn’t buy it, he simply rejects the Plot Point bribe and hands them back.

You can also use Plot Points to change a wound result. You must declare the usage of Plot Points as the damage is declared. You can create a bonus die, roll it, and take the results and reduce it from the wound damage declared.


You can use the same chart and spend Plot Points to create a die to add to your roll before the results are declared. You can spend Plot Points to improve a roll already declared, but the result is only improved by 1 point per Plot Point spent.

Some Assets may require you to spend Plot Points to activate. Check your Assets to make sure.

Plot Points

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