Welcome to the Brotherhood! Try not to die!

The Dead Gentlemen are getting together to play the Demon Hunters Roleplaying Game.
UPDATE: We have converted to playtesting the new, yet to be released Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors

This is the campaign material for that game. Their sessions are broadcast on YouTube and Google Hangouts, the first Monday of the month.

THE SETTING: It’s all true. The myths, the folklore, the campfire stories, and urban legends. Every terrifying tale of things that go bump in the night…they’re all true. These soul-sucking, flesh-devouring, shadow-haunting fiends want nothing more than to eat you and everyone you love. That’s where we come in. The Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch. Most just call us Demon Hunters. If you haven’t heard of us, we’re doing a good job. In the name of all that is Good, we fight the forces of Evil. And we’re hiring!

THE CAMPAIGN: You can find all the details of our ongoing campaign here. YouTube videos and session summaries of our previous sessions can all be found here. If you want to look something up that we’re talking about, or want to take a look at one of the character builds, this is the place to come. If you have questions, leave a comment. We’ll get back to you.

We also have an ongoing contest, the details of which you can find here: Session Summary Contest Details

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Click here for the link to the next hangout on May 4th, 2015.

Demon Hunters will return…