Demon Hunters

Episode 3: Satanic Sinkholes

Summary submitted by Maria Mester.

The Chapter crashes a black mass at Harvard University and combat ensues. Jack shows off his new “Lightning Rod”. There is throat cutting, Hunters getting stabbed; Vlad makes some cultist friends, more stabbing, a little gun fire. Oh, did I mention they got stabbed a lot?

The head Cultist chants a curse causing everyone to start bleeding through their skin. Jack manages to flashy the guy in the eyeballs. The Cultist invites the Hunters forward while the mob starts chanting in infernal, “Face the raging storm of the Dragon God”.

Flashback 2 Weeks: The Chapter is assigned to investigate odd sink holes in Boston the Brotherhood thinks could be related to the new Black Mass group at Harvard. Most of the Chapter waits in the Warehouse while Jack takes a flight from San Diego to Boston. The team investigates the sink holes posing as expert geologists. On initial inspection, the Cipher informs them that this hole looks like it was created by a Bašmu: an ancient Mesopotamian snake-creature with 2 horns, 2 forelimbs, and wings. Bašmu is the offspring of Tiamat goddess of Chaos.

Trader Vic sweet talks their way into the morgue so Erasmus can examine 2 bodies found by the hole. Victim #1 Gerard Dean: multiple bite marks across the chest. Victim #2 Naomi Wheeler: 2 puncture wounds and claw rake on the back. Erasmus also extracts a paralytic toxin from the bodies and sends it to the Warehouse for an anti-toxin.

Additional Tiamat info: the hero Marduk defeats Tiamat and her 11 children with various weapons, a net and his greatest weapon: the Flood of Rain. The Cipher hacks into the buildings sprinkler system in prep the future fight. Vlad is thrown into black van and disappears.

Flash-forward to blood and battle. Suddenly reality pops back to life as the Hunters come out of some delirium completely unharmed. A big snake monster rises from the ground. Erasmus notices the beast is of dirt right before he and Jack get swiped by a claw. The Cipher activates the sprinklers and the creature starts to melt. Jack pulls a Zeus and drops vortex of electricity, obliterating the monster and the cultist’s mind.

In his discarded tome, Jack finds that he is a member of the Temple of the Black Light who use spells from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and could possibly summon the other 10 beasts of Tiamat.


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