Jack Bishop

Jack is a Electrokinetic. He can manipulate, absorb, conduct, electricity.


Agility: d10
Strength: d4
Vitality: d8
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d10
Willpower: d10

Derived Attributes:
Life Points: 18
Initiative: d10+d6
Endurance: d8+d10
Resistance: d8+d8

Athletics d6
-Dodge d8
Covert d6
-Disable Device d8
-Stealth d8
Discipline d6
-Concentration d8
Knowledge d6
Melee Combat d4
Perception d6
Ranged Weapons d6
-Lightening d8
Mad Science d6
-Earth Science d8
Tech d6
-Computer Programming

Klepto d2
Eerie Presence d2
Comfort Object d4
On the Run d4
Rebellious d4

Psionics: Electrokinetic – d6
-Able to absorb, conduct, generate, & manipulate electricity. Create lightning & charge items. Subabilities: Technokinesis and Magnokinesis
Mad Skillz d4
Attuned to Technology d2
Immune to Electricity d4
Heavy Tolerance d4

Shades/ Scarf / Coat/ clothes
Silver inlayed collapsible metal staff
Ballistic vest
Utility Belt:
~Gas mask
~Fingertip Keyboard Gloves
~stun gun
~copper knuckles
~Pepper Spray
~Stun Gun


The Rho Sword A gladius sword with a Roh symbol at the base of the hilt, thorny vines inscribed into the blade itself, with a rose on the cross guard.

Jack Bishop

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