The Cipher - Rho Seven


All it takes is one unpaid intern to ruin a perfectly good robot. Jeff wasn’t having the best day as he sorted the BCT’s shipping slips. For a Thursday, the load was fairly light— six skids of upgrades and prototypes to be sent to the medical offices, and six skids of Ciphers and Cipher-related accessories to HQ— but his nerves were frayed. Coffee spilled on an important hard drive, the threat of unemployment, a good ass-chewing from the head of R&D…

One mistake. It was one mistake that ultimately led to the Brotherhood headquarters getting the wrong boxes. Too wrapped up in his woes, Jeff sent their new personality prototype to the Brotherhood instead of the medical offices, and it was installed on Rho 7’s Cipher. He has since been canned.

Crippling social anxiety, slightly slower processing, and feelings of anxiety plague the new Cipher. She has a name, but she feels it doesn’t matter— she is content to be the Cipher and nothing else. Her flaws, though, come with a few benefits. The anxiety that she fears will ruin missions has led her to becoming intimate with the Brotherhood Database and the internet itself, lending her friends in the strangest of places (usually the back-end of shipping forums and Tumblr). She’s great at making those little intuitive leaps that could make or break a mission, and her knowledge of demons, folklore, computers, and those short internet horror stories inexplicably known as ‘creepypastas’ is unparalleled.

The Cipher - Rho Seven

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