"Trader" Vic DiMotto

Procurement Professional


Agility: 6
Strength: 6
Vitality: 6
Alertness: 8
Intelligence: 10
Willpower: 12

Derived Attributes:
Life Points: 18
Initiative: d6+d8
Endurance: d6+d12
Resistance: d6+d6

Blessed d8
Brawler d4
Can Run, Can Hide d4
Fluid Character History d8
Friends in Strange Places d10
- Black Market: He’s got a guy for that. And if he doesn’t, he’s got a guy that’s got a guy for that.
Good Natured d8
Heavy Tolerance d4
Intuitive Leaps d8
Steady Calm d10

Addiction: Alcohol d4
Amorous d6
Glory Hound d4
Greedy d8
Infamy d8
- The Bratva: Big surprise, the tattooed, Russian, human traffickers aren’t the “Forgive and Forget” types.
- The Pound: How was he supposed to know that was the Alpha Dog’s girlfriend?
- The Catholic Church: Look, you leave the keys in the Popemobile, you gotta expect somebody’s gonna take it for a spin! If ol’ Bennie wanted to get out, he should have banged on the glass.
- North Korea: Come on, like he was really gonna sell a suitcase nuke to that scary little dude. A guy’s gotta have some standards!
Klepto d2
Lazy d4
Memorable d6
Overweight d2
Phobia: Flying d4
Rebellious d4
So Damn Macho d8

Covert d6
- Pickpocket d8
Discipline d6
- Morale d8
Drive d6
- Cars d8
Guns d6
- Pistols d8
- Shotguns d8
Influence d6
- Barter d8
- Persuasion d12+d2
- Seduction d8
Performance d6
- Impersonation d12
Unarmed Combat d4


  • Hawaiian shirt
  • Pocket multitool (d2 W)
  • Pocket flask
  • Shoulder holster
  • H&K USP (d6 W, RI 50ft)
  • Sawed-off Shotgun (d10 W, RI 20ft)

“Trader” Vic DiMotta’s got a reputation as a guy who can get you what you need. Whaddaya want? Experimental weapon?, Illicit pharmaceuticals? Banned antiquities? Rare, mystical ingredients? Cuban cigars the size of your forearm? Whatever it is, Trader Vic’s got a guy for that.

Trader Vic’s a friendly, relentlessly cheerful guy. A real people person. Given the choice, he’d rather talk out a situation over a round of mai tais than get in a fight. He’s gotten out of more than a few jams with some fast talk and a friendly smile. That said, he can hold his own in a brawl if need be (and need frequently does be).

He’s put on a little weight, and he’s starting to gray around the temples—his prime is decidedly in the rearview mirror. But he’s not ready to retire just yet. Not while there’s still a buck to be made.

"Trader" Vic DiMotto

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