Ursula "Sister Sledge" Winfield




  • Concept: Heir to the Legacy of the Sledge-o-Matic
  • Trouble: Unburdened by Intellect
  • Discipline: Ursula Smash!
  • Discipline: Questionable Interrogation Tactics
  • Discipline: Whittler of Wicked Weaponry


  • Careful d6
  • Clever d4
  • Flashy d8
  • Forceful d10
  • Quick d8
  • Sneaky d6


  • Combat & Tactics d10
  • Covert Ops d4
  • Mystic Arts d4
  • Research & Development d6
  • Social Engineering d8


Law & Order: Scared-Shitless Victims Unit: Because I've Seen This Done On TV I get a +2 when I Forcefully create an advantage by intimidating a person of interest.

Lemme At 'Em!: Because I'm Always Itchin' For A Fight I get a +2 when I Quickly attack an unprepared opponent.

That All You've Got?: Because I'm Built Like A Titanium Shithouse I can spend a faith die to soak up physical hits equal to the number on the die before marking off a condition.


Ursula “Sister Sledge” Winfield is the bastard offspring of famed hunter “Dead-Eye” Wendy Winfield and famed prop-comic Leo Gallagher. The two met at a taping of the Tonight Show where Wendy was investigating reports of a hobgoblin in the studio that turned out to just be guest host Joan Rivers without her makeup. Their affair was brief but passionate. Dead-Eye returned to her chapter, Gallagher to a series of local amphitheaters and county fairs. Nine months later, their daughter was born. From an early age, Dead-Eye recognized the potential in Ursula, and began her training as soon as she could walk. On her tenth birthday, Dead-Eye led Ursula deep into the forests of the Great Smoky Mountains, and left her there to fend for herself. She emerged two weeks later, wielding a gore-spattered wooden mallet she’d fashioned from a felled spruce. It was as Dead-Eye had suspected. The legacy of her absent father’s bloodline lives on in Ursula. The Gallaghers have long been the guardians of one of the deadliest weapons known to mankind: the Sledge-o-Matic. A crude weapon in unskilled hands, but brutal and precise when wielded by an expert sledgeman. Ursula was a natural. She joined the Brotherhood on her eighteenth birthday, eager to put her skills to use, and has since risen through the ranks as a fierce and merciless fighter. If she’s with you on a hunt, bring a tarp—the first five rows will get wet.

Ursula "Sister Sledge" Winfield

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